Top 5 ways to enjoy strawberries

Top 5 ways to enjoy strawberries 

Strawberries are a delicious and healthy addition to your diet! They are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, the perfect snack all year round. Although, have you thought about the different ways you could eat them?  

Here are our top 5 favourite ways to enjoy strawberries! ….Not including eating them straight out of the container! 


  1.  Dipped in chocolate 

 Chocolate dipped strawberries

A classic and delicious way to enjoy your strawberries, they can make a romantic gift for a loved one... or can be enjoyed all to yourself! 

Simply heat some chocolate melts in the microwave, dip in the strawberries, and lay to dry in the fridge on baking paper until hard.  


  1. With icing sugar 

 Strawberries with icing sugar

More of a sweet tooth? Enjoy some icing sugar or regular sugar on your strawberries! 

Sprinkle over the top or dunk in for full coverage. 


  1. With ice cream 

 Strawberries with ice cream

Try a delicious twist on your favourite ice cream and add in some chopped Shirley’s Strawberries!  

We recommend strawberry ice cream... or vanilla.  


  1. In your favourite smoothie bowl 

Strawberries in a smoothie acai bowl 

Start the day with a strawberry smoothie bowl topped with your favourite strawberries and yummy fruits! You’ll feel fresh and ready to take on the day.  


  1. Cocktail or wine 

  Strawberries in cocktails and wine

Fresh strawberries are a refreshing addition to your favourite summertime cocktail or glass of wine. 

Blend in with your favourite cocktail (hello daiquiri!) or pop in half of one with some bubbles. 



Make sure to enjoy these with Shirley’s Strawberries, the most delicious, classic tasting strawberries on the market! 

You can get yours from our Packhouse shop in Ohau, Levin. The perfect break if you’re driving to or from Wellington or Palmerston North.