Best ways to use Strawberry Blast Powder

Best ways to use Strawberry Blast Powder 

Have you tried our new Strawberry Blast Powder? It’s freeze-dried Strawberry Powder made from delicious, pure New Zealand strawberries grown at our farm in Levin! We love this little jar of goodness and are sure that you will too! 

There are countless ways to use our Strawberry Blast Powder, it is an awesome and yummy way to add colour and flavour to your favourite recipes. 

Here are some of our favourite ways to use Strawberry Blast: 

For breakfast 

  • Sprinkle on your morning yogurt to add some yummy strawberry flavour 

  • Add to your morning pancakes instead of icing sugar as a yummy and healthy alternative 

For a snack 

  • Enjoy a sweet treat in the afternoon with some Strawberry Milk made with a teaspoon of our Strawberry Blast Powder 

  • Sprinkle some on your favourite smoothie bowl to add some colour and flavour 

With dessert 

  • Sprinkled on ice cream is a delicious treat anytime of the year 

  • Add some of our Strawberry Blast Powder to your cake or cupcake mix to make them strawberry flavoured with the taste of natural, real strawberries 

  • Pour melted chocolate on top of freshly baked cookies and sprinkle with the Strawberry Blast Powder for a scrumptious flavour hit! 

Tell us how you use your strawberry blast! Make sure to tag us in your creations online so we can see!